Monday, September 24, 2007

he's a poser

I've never known a little boy to be so happy to pose for pictures.
I guess someday he will not want to sit still for it, but for now he loves having his picture taken as much as I love taking them. He'll happily jump from one lap to the next and flash you a big smile. Then he jumps down and wants you to show him the picture.
I guess that's one more good thing about digital cameras, kids get to see the result right away of sitting still for a picture instead of waiting for film to be developed.


Suzelle said...

cute as a button !!!!!!!!

Reen said...

he's so cute...tickles me to death!!!

Nura Keif said...

Handsome boy!!!
Beautiful photos there:-D

JENNY B said...

what a cutie pie Susan!!!! (I mean *Dusan!! haha!!!)
I would take pics of him all day long too =)