Wednesday, October 17, 2007

creepy crawlies

and things that spin webs in the night...
Saturday morning we woke up to thick fog.
As the sun came up and it started started to slowly burn off the fog, I looked out my front room window and saw that my spiders had been busy the night before.
They had decorated my front yard for Halloween. The fog had left dew drops all over the webs and they just sparkled like Christmas tinsel in the pretty in a gruesome halloweenish sort of way.

These little workers had absolutely COVERED the shrubs with webs.There were webs attached to other webs. Webs behind webs...some had even strung their webs clear across the lawn, and attached them way up high on the roof of the house or to shrubs clear on the other side of the yard. How do they do that? Do they just fling their webs into the sky and hope the wind catches it?
Although I hate the spiders, the beauty of their webs are pretty incredible...until I walk out my front door one day and go blundering into one of them.

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Suzelle said...

As much as spider webs creep me out, they really stunningly beautiful !!!