Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fall, my second favorite season

This week its been painfully obvious that my favorite season is over. Fall is my second favorite season, spring is my third and I could completely do without winter. Dreading that winter is coming after fall does put a damper on completly enjoying my second favorite season, but I do try to focus on the things I love about fall.
  • We often hang on to a few warm afternoons, hopefully enough to make the rainy ones bearable
  • cooler nights make for cozy sleeping weather
  • rainy weekends with a fire in the fireplace. love the smell of wood smoke.
  • pulling out the sweaters and fleece again
  • football games and marathon movie weekends
  • homemade soups, stews and bread for dinner
  • scrapbooking again
  • scented candles burning
  • the bright reds, oranges and yellows of leaves changing color
  • and planning for the holidays...
Speaking of which... Sharyn had a brillant idea on her blog.
I love the idea of having 8 things. The baseball card sleeve so kids can insert pictures of what they want and if they find something new, they have to remove something else. So cool. I told Paul about it this morning and we're going to use this idea too. We decided we each should have a few expensive things, a few mid priced things, like $50. or less and 3-4 under $20 things. We seem to have the most difficult time buying for each other so Im excited that this might just actually work.
oh, and if anyone is interested, Hasbro toy is having a friends and family sale...if your reading my blog, I consider you one or the other. So, if your interested in 25% off and free shipping just get yourself over to and enter the promo code 25FALL during checkout to enjoy some savings. But the sale ends October 8th.

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Sharyn said...

ooh, I'll have to check out that sale! thanks!!