Monday, October 22, 2007

Little People...Big World

This is seriously one of Paul's most favorite shows. He's been waiting all summer for it to start back up again and last Monday was the premier of the new season.
Ever since last year he's been saying that in October he wanted to drive down to just outside of Portland Oregon, to go to the pumpkin patch and meet the Roloffs.

Well, this weekend was the one we'd set aside to go.

I was really hoping he'd change his mind. And he did waffle a little...but in the end he really wanted to go, so off we went.

When we got there I could see Paul was a little worried about the hour + line waiting to go on the tour through the grounds, but I talked him into it. It was worth the wait.

As we were making our way to the end of a veryyyyyy long line, I saw Amy. She was walking down the line, talking to each and every person. She is truly the sweetest person and was so grateful to everyone who came out the pumpkin patch and waited in line to go on the tour. She was in no hurry, taking her time talking and taking pictures. I think she was there for the entire hour and a half we were in line. We chatted with her for about 5 minutes, talking about the family trip in the motor home to Yosemite and teased her about how upset she got with Matt and Zak. It was really fun.

Then Matt came to the pumpkin patch in his little Gator. He drove down the row and stopped and chatted and took pictures with anyone who wanted one. The film crew was there also, filming an episode of their show, Little People, big world.

The tour took us through the grounds, through the barns, out to the frontier town where we got to get out and walk around. Around every corner was something you'd recognize from the show.
The show doesn't really do the property justice. Its amazing!!! What a beautiful farm.

In the end, I'm really glad Paul decided to go. I would have never done it myself and thought he'd lost his mind.

Oh, we got to see Zak too. He was driving the tractor pulling one of the tour groups around. We were hoping to get him as our driver but we got the one just ahead of him.


Sue Thomas said...

Oh how incredibly cool, Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzelle said...

How freakin' COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids would FREAK to go there !!!!!!!

JENNY B said...

how fun susan! we love that show too!!
I love how *real* they are!

Patter Cross said...

Great pictures! How fun! Now my dd wants to go after seeing your pictures! TFS!

Danielle said...

How cool is that!! I watch that show!!

Kate said...

That is so neat! glad you got to go and meet them.

maria W said...

that is so awesome we were going to go on sunday but didnt get to go:( next sunday we will be going :)
looks like you had fun!!!!

Stace said...

So jealous LOVE the show

Mo said...

That is seriously cool, Susan! Great photos!

Reen said...

Zak and I watch the show together, we love that family! How fun to get to be on their farm and meet them!!!

Jill said...

What an outstanding group of photos! Oh Susan, I bet that was such a fun little fieldtrip! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

Roger said...

Loved 'em in the beginning but now can't stand this bunch of foul mouthed whiners - except Molly - hope she doesn't follow the lead.