Monday, October 29, 2007

Mosaic Monday

Its seems like weeks since I’ve had time to cruz through some of my favorite blogs.
This morning however, I took a peek at Ali’s ( ) blog.
She has a post this morning titled Monday mosaics.
Every time I’ve seen her post one of these I’d wondered if it was something she’d made herself in Photoshop, or if it was a program online.
Thankfully today she posted that it was an online program.
Since I love Flickr and have lots of favorites from other posters saved there as inspiration, I had one of these fun mosaics in a matter of minutes.
Try it.
Its really fun!
If you don’t have a flickr account you can upload your own photos from your computer too.
Here's mine

Unfortunately I have no idea how to include the links back to the owners of these pretty pictures, so here's the link to my favorites folder. That should link back to the right people.


Maria said...

What a cute mosaic! :)

Reen said...

This looks fun! I so wanna try this when I get a little time this weekend. Hope it's simple to do.