Thursday, October 18, 2007

returning home

Last weekend we took a drive.
Along the way is the Issaquah Salmon hatchery.
We decided to stop in and see the salmon returning home to the hatchery. Every fall hundreds of salmon return to this hatchery to spawn and die.

Its pretty sad really, to see these huge fish battling to get up this shallow stream...They actually stick out of the water in a lot of the spots, but they just keep swimming to return to where they were born. Several fish never make it this far. But if they make it past the fishermen, some die just a few yards short of the hatchery after swimming for hundreds of miles.
They are beat up, large cuts from being beaten on the rocks...but they continue on.
And this is where their going...up these fish ladders into the hatchery.
If you look in the rocks you can see lots and lots of eggs down in the riverbed.
pretty cool stuff.

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SunnyMommie said...

how awesome that you met them in real life! wow!