Saturday, December 08, 2007

baby its cold outside

We were going out to Petsmart to find a dog bed that would fit in the car.
It was so cold outside and Macie was shivering. It was the perfect opportunity to get some use out of this valour dog laughable as it is, she stopped shivering :) gotta admit, it does look pretty cute.
As expensive as these things are I could have bought a sweater for kidding!
I think I'll be knitting her sweaters myself from now on. She's the only person who would actually wear anything that I might knit. Poor thing. The other dogs are going to laugh at her.


Liberty's Yarn said...

OMG! She is the cutest thig ever!

Jill Eaton has a few adorable knitting books for pups that may be worthy of such a darling pooch.

Sharon said...


Jill said...

If she's not the cutest little thing....EVER!

Chrys said...

what a cutie!!!!