Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas comes early

at our house. She's had a long day which included a drive all the way across the state in a white out snow storm, but she's here. She came in the house, sniffed around a little and found this perfectly comfy spot under the christmas tree (how did she know?) and promptly fell fast asleep.
She looks much bigger than she really is. She's about 8" long and weighs about hmmmmm, maybe 2 lbs. Cute as a bug.Her name is Maci.
Anyone who knows me will recognize her right away. Her markings are almost the exact same as Elliott's, minus the tongue hanging out.


Stephanie said...

She's just perfect, Susan!!!

Mellie said...

awwwwwwww Suan...Congrats!!
I think she is adorable and love her name and that she is sleeping under the stinkin' cute! are making me want one for Drewie! eeks! lol

Reen said...

She's adorable and so perfect for you! Merry Little Christmas!

Suzelle said...

cuteness :)

janel said...

Oh gosh, what a sweetie pie. Love how cute she looks under your tree. to see her in her cute little outfits!