Wednesday, December 12, 2007

a holiday mosaic

Do you flickr?

Boy, I sure do.

I cant sucks me in and I find myself searching random tags just to see what will pop up. Sometimes I search by a color, a place, the weather, seasons, holidays...just anything I can come up with. Its about the best place I've found for inspiration.
I can get absolutely lost in browsing pictures images on flickr. The mosaic I made today is from some of the images that I recently came across and saved as my favorites. After browsing this site, I just want to pick up my camera and start snapping away.
The lights, colors and warmth of these photos are some of the things that make this season so special to me. They inspire me to see things differently, to experiment with light and angle, to photograph things we walk by every day without thinking they're photo worthy.

I have a long way to go with my photography skills, but the people who post their work on this site are a constant inspiration. These images remind me of things I want to photograph. My greatest challenge when posting these mosaics is getting the credits to these pictures to print...this took me over 30 minutes and its still not linking I apologize to these artists.
1. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, 2. madeleines, 3. Christmas time!, 4. the plan, 5. his tattered red coat, 6. Hello Cupcake, 7. Silver Bell, 8. candlelight, 9. oh balls, 10. christmas, 11. Christmas Bakery Fun Project (3/7) - Let it snow!, 12. Out of Focus, 13. the red door, 14. Artsy wall at Starbucks, 15. Strawberry roll cake, 16. Happy Valentine's Day to All My Flickr Friends!


Mo said...

Oh My! I do not flick'r but I just might have to. What a beautiful mosaic. You are putting me in the mood. ;)

Just Me Again said...

What a gorgeous mosaic! And I feel totally honored to see you have picked a couple of my images! Now how's THAT to make it a wonderful day for me? Thank you!!!