Friday, December 28, 2007

now that christmas is behind us

So much going on this week with Christmas and all. So much I wanted to get done for the holidays, but ran out of time. I wanted to make some homemade gifts, but never got to them.
I wanted to make more cookies, but never got to those either - probably a good thing because my house is overflowing with sugary treats.
The new year will bring healthier eating habits around our house once again, as well as better exercise habits. Paul and I both want to get in better shape so Im thankful to have a workout buddy. Looking forward to watching the Biggest Loser Couple show for inspiration.
One thing I did get done this week was to be able to work on my knitting.

Mom has been teaching me how to knit socks. This is a pair she made. When I say made, I mean she spun the yarn and knitted the socks. She loves to spin and its a good thing because her hobby room is packed with rubbermaid totes full of fibers waiting to be spun. Her favorite thing to knit is socks so she's been trying to get me to learn too.
These are mine so far...I've ripped them out and started over 3 times. I hate it when I make mistakes. I dont know how to fix them, so I just rip the entire thing apart and start at the beginning again. I sure hope I dont get to the toe and make a mistake ;)
Third time is a charm because its feeling so much more comfortable now using the double pointed needles and Im happier to not see so many mistakes in them. This yarn is a little thicker and my needles a little bigger than Mom uses, but for learning Im not too worried about it.
And check out those frames:) Something else I took the time to learn how to do this week.
One more thing I wanted to share. We got some new lamps for the living room this week. We were in Target doing some christmas shopping and found these.

The shades have a demask print on the inside of the shade. It doesnt really show until you turn the light on. Really pretty and they look good in that room.

and in closing, of course I need to include a Macie picture


Suzelle said...

You go girl onj the knitting !!!!!!! You're doing a great job. I need to get my knitting out. I miss it.

The lamps are beautiful and of course, Macie is adorable !!!!

Reen said...

What are you doing with my lamps in your house! hahaha!! LOVE THEM!

Good luck with those pretty sockie lockies.

Maria said...


I love that lamp!