Sunday, January 27, 2008

I can see clearly now

the hair is gone........
Macie's hair was out of control. Not only is it baby fine and fluffy, it is growing fast!
The past few weeks I've been having to keep her "bangs' up in a rubber band so she can see. I've been getting her prepared for her trip to a groomer and I wasnt at all sure she would sit still for a clipping. Everytime the brush came out, she thought it was time to play and she would not hold still. Worse yet when I tried to clip her nails.
Finally we went to see our local groomer. The vets office said these people had Shih Tzu's themselves so they would be a good choice as Macie's groomer. I wasnt sure how she would act for them, but they took one look at her and agreed a haircut was past due.
They were able to get her in within a few hours and this is how she came home.

Still a little longer under her chin than I wanted, but at least she can see!
They said she was very calm and well behaved. She acted like she'd been going to the groomer on a regular basis, even though this was her very first visit....a good sign since she'll need to go every 4-6 weeks.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

As if.....

We needed one more addiction, along comes Polyvore.
Am I the last to know about this site?
Wow!!!! so much fun

This is like scrapbooking a shopping trip.

The concept is that people register and shop, virtually... at real store websites.
Once you set up an account you can start shopping and building your outfit.
You can select a color theme if you want. For instance you can select purses, then yellow. A screen comes up with tons and tons of yellow purses.
Then you can take your pick and add it to your outfit.
As they find things, they put them together on a layout of sorts...full outfits, including makeup, jewelry…everything, right down to the purse, laptop and coffee to go with your outfit.
or perhaps you'd like a goat to go with that great purse!!!
a goat?
Well, if it goes with the outfit, I guess I need one.
So anyway....You shop and build “digital layouts” with your virtual shopping finds and then post them on Polyvore along with all the store where you found them at.
Some of the ones people have put together have several outfits, or maybe just one. Sometimes its all just purses, or shoes, or jewerly.
There are even backgrounds to choose from too.
Anything that you can shop for online, you can include in your polyvore layout.
Not only can imagine something amazing to wear, but now you can even visualize your fabulous self with a matching laptop emailing your friends and sipping a double tall Americano with sugar free hazelnut and a splash of soy.
What’s even better it puts a link to each of the items you put on your “layout”, so people can easily click and the link takes you to that stores website where you can purchase that item yourself.

This is some dangerous stuff.
These are just a few of my favorites within a short time of browsing.
I like browsing what others have put together more than Im interested in shopping myself.
I find there are some "layout designers" for lack of a better word...that I really like. Others are just not my taste...but all are serious fun to look at.
I really need this outfit for spring...
seriously fun browsing however, warning – its addicting and can be expensive.
I know that I want an entire new wordrobe now....
So enter at your own risk!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

working on

specifically training on when its time to go outside.
I think shes starting to "get it"
I think my neighbors must be going crazy hearing ... go potty Macie. Macie, go potty....go potty Macie...oh good lord Macie, quit eatting those pine cones and go potty.... would you P.L.E.A.S.E go potty Macie???
but how can you get mad at a face like this.
This is the begging for the treat before she's earned it look

Check out my new rubber boots too! They are going to come in handy for running outside in the rain during this training period. They slide on fast and keep your feet cozy and dry.
Since she wont go out alone yet, so someone has to go with her, stand there and tell her to do her thing, then give her a little treat when she accommodates the request.

Speaking of shoes, we got Ethan some of the Crocs with the furry lining...
they have got to be the cutest thing ever!!!! :)
Seriously adorable and I tried some on myself. They are as comfy as they are cute.
Im not sure what he's doing here.
He kept trying to cross his legs and put his hand on his head, kind of like kicking back while standing up.
Maybe I was asking him to show me his shoes.
I didnt, but that would explain the pose. It looks like he's doing the hokey pokey

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

when you are sleeping

I will cut your hair.
The hair over Macie's nose had fanned out like an opened umbrella.
Im not sure how she ever found her food and water. Somehow she hasn't run into any walls or fallen down the stairs.
I've put her bangs up in a rubberband a few times now.
It lasts that way for a few hours, then I find the rubberband in her water bowl, in her bed, or on the carpet.
Clearly I bought the wrong kind of rubber bands for dog fur.
I got the kind that doesnt tangle in little girls hair.
That is apparently a problem...I need it to hang on, not slide out.
Funny thing is that I read the best kind to use are the kind you use on your braces. I threw all of those away about two months ago. Go figure.

Next time she falls asleep I'll even it up some.
But at least she can see