Wednesday, January 02, 2008

when you are sleeping

I will cut your hair.
The hair over Macie's nose had fanned out like an opened umbrella.
Im not sure how she ever found her food and water. Somehow she hasn't run into any walls or fallen down the stairs.
I've put her bangs up in a rubberband a few times now.
It lasts that way for a few hours, then I find the rubberband in her water bowl, in her bed, or on the carpet.
Clearly I bought the wrong kind of rubber bands for dog fur.
I got the kind that doesnt tangle in little girls hair.
That is apparently a problem...I need it to hang on, not slide out.
Funny thing is that I read the best kind to use are the kind you use on your braces. I threw all of those away about two months ago. Go figure.

Next time she falls asleep I'll even it up some.
But at least she can see

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