Saturday, January 05, 2008

working on

specifically training on when its time to go outside.
I think shes starting to "get it"
I think my neighbors must be going crazy hearing ... go potty Macie. Macie, go potty....go potty Macie...oh good lord Macie, quit eatting those pine cones and go potty.... would you P.L.E.A.S.E go potty Macie???
but how can you get mad at a face like this.
This is the begging for the treat before she's earned it look

Check out my new rubber boots too! They are going to come in handy for running outside in the rain during this training period. They slide on fast and keep your feet cozy and dry.
Since she wont go out alone yet, so someone has to go with her, stand there and tell her to do her thing, then give her a little treat when she accommodates the request.

Speaking of shoes, we got Ethan some of the Crocs with the furry lining...
they have got to be the cutest thing ever!!!! :)
Seriously adorable and I tried some on myself. They are as comfy as they are cute.
Im not sure what he's doing here.
He kept trying to cross his legs and put his hand on his head, kind of like kicking back while standing up.
Maybe I was asking him to show me his shoes.
I didnt, but that would explain the pose. It looks like he's doing the hokey pokey


Sue Thomas said...

Oh my goodness, Macie's little face just melts my heart! She's so cute, Susan! Love Ethan's new shoes - did I mention that Greg got a pair of those for Christmas too?

Mo said...

Your boots are sooooooo CUTE!!!! LOVE the funky! :D