Sunday, February 03, 2008


for 32 years I've been celebrating Feb 3rd.

Hard to believe its been so long.
But, its been 32 years since that day in Okinawa Japan when this little guy came into my life.
We were far away from family and friends. I was only 20 years old.

He and I grew up together and he taught me as much as I've ever taught him. He continues to teach me, even now.

Yesterday I was digging through my jewelery box looking for my Moms cameo ring.
I came across this note tucked in an envelope. He must have been 6 years old at the time, maybe 7. Wish I'd written the date on it.

I love the hearts with arms giving hugs :)
and the To: and From: as if I wouldnt know...
Nick wrote this for me and left it on my pillow one night when I went out with some friends for dinner and he stayed home with Grandma.
He was the sweetest, most considerate, most sensitive little boy.
He was always a deep thinker.

Not much of a sayer.
I think he still is.

But when he expressed how he felt, he meant it.
Happy Birthday Nick


Sue Thomas said...

What a sweet post, Susan!!!!

Jill said...

If that isn't the sweetest thing! Happy Birthday Nick!