Sunday, February 17, 2008

its true

it is easy. Very easy.
and fool proof too.
You can't mess this bread up.
I mixed the water, flour, salt and yeast together on Friday night about 7 pm.
My intention was to pop it in the oven between 8-10 am Saturday morning.
Best layed plans and all that, it didnt happen.
I was running late getting ready to go see Disney Playhouse live with Jaryn, Ethan and Paul.
Needless to say, I did not have time to bake the bread before leaving the house. I figured I'd put it to the ultimate test and bake it when I got home.
That ended up being around 8pm Saturday evening.
Even still, it came out great.
Tastes wonderful, great crust.
The air holes may be on the large size because of the amount of time I left the dough rising on the counter, but not too bad. And besides, those are better for holding all the butter.
The crust is really fairly soft, not hard and crunch like it looks. The secret is really in the cast iron pan. You heat your cast iron dutch oven in the oven for atleast 30 minutes before plopping your dough into the pan. Its good and hot so watch your fingers. This was so easy I'll probably mix together the dough on Friday or Sat nights and bake on the weekend.
My Mom says it makes great toast too.


Suzelle said...

YUM !!!!!!!!! LOVE bread :)

Maria said...

Yummm!!!!!!!! That bread looks delicious...I think I can even smell it from here! LOL

Reen said...

Ok, I think I need to get a cast iron pot! This looks so easy and so yummy!