Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meeska, Mooska

Mickey Mouse!
this weekend we took Ethan to his first concert.
Have you ever been to a concert where the average audience age is 4, and they worn you before the lights go dark to not to be afraid?
How about a chant of Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse to bring out the star of the show? Its quite exciting, really.

thankfully the weather cooperated. It was beautiful and warm, almost spring like...I wouldnt exactly be playing in the foutain in seattle center, but apparently some people apparently could not resist. The trees are still leafless in Seattle.
These are a 3 year olds rock stars ... Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald...the little Einsteins, Handy Manny and his talking toolbox, and best of all, Pooh and Tigger. I think Ethan did quite well for his first concert.
Got the tee shirt- check!
and a pooh bear - check!

Seats were good...nice and close! yeah
I think sitting back a little bit further where the stadium seating is might have been better than right up front. Its a little hard to see when all those 5 year olds get up to dance ;)
I was a little worried he might be frightened, but not even for a second.
He sang, he clapped, he danced in his seat.

Pooh is definately the favorite right now. He was the star of the show for Ethan. Who doesnt love pooh! After all, he's got that great grin on his face all the time. He's a tubby little chubby all stuffed with fluffy... oh yeah. He's a rock star alright.

hard to take pictures inside when the lights went out. They tell you no flash once the show starts, but apparently Im the only one they told that too, or the only one that listened, I guess. Lots of flash going off. My pics are on the blurry side, but Ethan won't care. I printed up a bunch of them up and put them in a little photo album for him. He's going to love looking through them, blurry or not.


Reen said...

He's at such an adorable age! How fun and exhausting and sweeet!!! I miss that stage!

christie said...

Cutie Pie!!! Glad you all had a great time!

Suzelle said...

How CUTE !!!!!!!!!

Mo said...

Oh, how CUTE!!! I remember Dylan's first was Blues Clues Live. LOL! You got some great shots!!!