Tuesday, February 12, 2008

needing some spring

winters in Seattle tend to be a little grey. Just a little.
Im not complaining, because it could be worse.

They could be white.
A few weekends ago we spent some time at our local nursery and inside the hothouse you would have swarn it was a June afternoon.
Just what I needed on a January Saturday afternoon.
I'll need to make more than a few stops at this nursery before its actually warm enough to plant any of these in the yard, but just stopping by to look at them was enough for me today.


Mo said...

I too am in need of a little spring. Beautiful flowers, Susan! They brought a smile to my otherwise gloomy face. ;)

Denise Gormish said...

Those are beautiful! I so love flowers! I, too, can't wait for spring to be here - and stay!