Sunday, February 10, 2008

personal best, a peeping tom and a creative challenge

So I just finished with my photography class last week and the final assignment was called personal best and the theme was Red. The subject could be anything you wanted as long as it was red. So even in the rain we headed out to find Red things to take pictures of

This is the photo I submitted.

Over all I was really happy with it...I love the reflection in the water.
It was raining at the time so I got some other pictures with cool raindrops falling in the pool, but I picked this one as my final submission and since I got perfect marks on it, I'm happy with it:)

This morning Paul was looking out the kitchen window and spotted this........

He grabbed the camera, and this is what was up there in the tree.

Looks like its sitting on some kind of a nest made of pine branches. I'll be keeping my eye on him ( or her)
and finally,

taking Ali's weekend creative challenge this weekend, I made this picture for the family room

So thats my weekend.
How was yours?


Suzelle said...

Susan....this is FABULOUS !!!!!! LOVE it !!!!!!!

Love the racoon shot too...very cool !!!

Anonymous said...

love the project and I love the photo...beautiful!!

Reen said...

Awe, this turned out so very PRETTY!!!!

Denise Gormish said...

Excellent job on the challenge Susan!!!

Raccoons...they are cute but a real annoyance at the same time!

Mo said...

Your photo is GORGEOUS!!!!!! And your butterflies are inspiring! You go girl!!!! :)