Sunday, February 24, 2008

scrapping again

for the first time in many many months.
Its so hard to get started again when you've been away from it for awhile. I've made a few cards for a swap, but thats about it.
Im excited and a little overwhelmed to sit down play with paper and glue after so long, so today I just tried to stay simple and warm up to it.

This one of Paul and Ethan playing football in the park
and this one of Ethans funny faces for Ramona's button challenge on

In other news this weekend, Macie had her second gooming appointment this weekend.
We had them go a lot shorter this time. It was obvious they didnt want to cut her hair short...but it works best for us to keep it that way. I dont have time to brush it daily to keep it from getting knots in I like it short. She came home with some crazy bows in her hair...I took a few shots before I pulled them out.
I made her this little pink and brown fleece coat last weekend. It makes me cringe how much they charge for dog coats, so I made this one out of $4. worth of fleece, some little trim scraps I had, and a few buttons. Its a little big still so Im going to need to adjust the buttons and velcro closures.


christie said...

Great layouts Susan! I love, love, love the coat!! She is sooo cute!

Sue Thomas said...

Love your layouts, Susan and Macie's little coat is so stylish!!!