Monday, March 31, 2008

Mosaic Monday

Can you tell I'm wishing for fresh fruit salads and warm summer afternoons?
My favorites from this past week from Flickr... (you can click on the picture for a larger view) I'm addicted to browsing that sight.
Just pop in a theme and up comes all kinds of photography inspiration, reipes, and ideas for just about anything and everything.

1. Cardamom Citrus Fruit Salad, 2. Fresh Fruit Salad, 3. avocado salad with cilantro-lime vinaigrette, 4. Fruity sweet potato salad, 5. Sunshine quinoa salad, 6. Salad is good for everyone !!, 7. Saturday morning coffee on the patio, 8. On My Patio, 9. Casa patio. Córdoba, 10. Patio cordobés, 11. Spring cleaning,12. laundry day!, 13. Malibu, 14. ArPEGgi, 15. A Blue Angel, 16. 張家界

Thursday, March 27, 2008


She looks innocent enough. but she's turning into a rebellious toddler.
Clearly we need to step up the obedience training, such as something like come when I call you. She's getting very brave as long as she's in her own back yard, and is starting to not obey when she should...
Dont let that wide eyed innocence fool you. Because in her own backyard, she gets very brave and its so fun to explore. She's no longer content to wander around the lawn and sniff the flowerbeds. There are more interesting places to discover in the big back yard. Such as this really fun hill. Its full of fluffy ivy and leaves, sticks and interesting smells. And she knows that when she goes in there... I probably wont follow her and pull her out.
And she's right. Theres no way I'm going in matter how dirty she gets, how deeply tangled up in it she gets or how wet it is, and I think she just loves to go in there because she knows that I wont.
This is right after I just finished bathing and drying her.

She just dares me to come get her.
And if I go down the steps to the lower level to try and pluck her out, she turns and heads up the other direction. By the time she gets to the top again, she's completely wet and covered in mud, leaves and maple tree seed pods which stick to the fur and have to be yanked out.

She's testing me....
but I am the pack leader!!!
yeah right

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I dont know why, but its not Easter unless you hardboil and dye some eggs.
So I boiled and dyed 4 of them.
Even though it would be simpler to let this tradition pass now that the kids are grown, I still enjoy it. I love to see how bright I can get the eggs
Im much cleaner at dying them than the kids use to be, but I still have some dyed fingertips :)
Happy Easter friends

Friday, March 21, 2008

What does EB stand for?

obviously EB=Easter Bunny
Took some eggs out to hard boil and color for easter...

These were already decorated so I put them away again.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 8th pages

Im feeling like Im on a roll with this 8 on the 8th mini album, so I wanted to hurry and do my March pages.

This time I used full 4X6 pictures and just cut them to 2" wide to show only a part of each picture. Not much more to it than that.
Since the pictures took up so much of the page, I didnt want to overwhelm it and add any more than the Heidi Swap journaling arrows and the Month.

We spent the day in Seattle on March 8th, so there was some shopping, some fun sites and some dinner...believe me, my days are not always this fun so Im glad at least one 8th fell on a Saturday. Im sure I'll have lots of pages that are Grocery shopping and laundry. Macie got a bath in the sink before we left for the day and the sight of her when all her fluffy fur is wet always cracks me up. She looks so tiny when she's wet.

Monday, March 10, 2008

mosaic Monday ... Green

Its a little early for St Patties day, but I must be ready for some green these days.
As I look at what I've been saving to my favorites on Flickr, I seem to have a green theme going on... Could it be that Im tired of all things brown and dreary after this long winter? Probably.
Could it be my 8 on the 8th album is on my mind with its green and orange theme...maybe.

All I know is Im ready to start seeing things start to grow and bloom again.
I search for new signs each day that spring is coming so I've been noticing lots of new growth on my bushes and trees at home.
http://1 twisted flower seedling, 2. Lotus Flower Pink and Green, 3. Green & Orange, 4. Green Cup, 5. green tea spoon adj 4145.jpg, 6. green gingko, 7. miss green potage, 8. Mushroom Green with Shadow and Light, 9. shades of green, 10. I am running away, 11. green tea, lavender, and honey cupcake bombe, 12. :P, 13. Green and Wet, 14. Green Leaf, 15. Blue Eyes Crying, 16. Untitled
Disappointing this morning to be driving to work in the dark after a few weeks now of getting to see the sun rise on our rides in to work. Hopefully it will catch up with us again soon.

In the meantime, sharing some of the pretty green things saved in my flickr favorites.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

weekend sharing

We always set aside at least one day of each weekend to just hang out and be lazy around the house...give ourselves a little down time before jumping back into our hecktic weekend schedule. Also, we want to devote some real time with Macie, since she's left alone for most of each day during the week.
This weekend I've kept my camera out and handy since we're doing an 8 pics on the 8th of each month challenge. Since it was handy I took the opportunity to take pics of what we shared this weekend.
This morning she and I shared my breakfast. A pastry from the Japanese market and an apple... one of her most favorite things. She goes crazy for fruits and veges.

And for lunch, I had some shrimp wonton soup with pea sprouts and edimame. Macie goes crazy when she sees the edimame come out. She has to throw it up in the air and play with it for awhile before she eats it and comes back begging for more. Apples are just chomped down straight way with no playing involved.

I know I'm probably teaching her how to beg, but I like sharing my food with her.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

8 on the eighth ... January and February

I'm all caught up with the 8/8th project! Whew, so far, so good.
I'm glad I've gotten caught up so I don't feel like I'm behind. That's a recipe for loosing interest in a project and I really want to stick with this one all year. Now that I'm caught up it should be easy to stay caught up.
Here's the opening page and January and February entries. I'm keeping with the orange/green/ black/white theme.

I made the stripe paper out of a piece of black and a piece of white cardstock by cutting the white into strips and gluing them down to the black. Didn't measure anything, didn't care if it was perfect, I just wanted a stripe paper with a little dimension.

I also painted almost all of the chipboard before I started. I wanted it to all match so I got out my paints and painted the letters, hearts and a bunch of other chipboard to match so I can use it through out the project.
But why oh why don't I catch errors before I print?
Totally missed the word "my" in the second should say This year MY parent's celebrated... not sure if I'll fix it or not ;)

I've already had my March pics printed and picked them up at Costco today so Im all ready to go. January and February are 2X2" pictures but I'll be using larger pictures for my March page to mix it up a bit.
I like staying with the same color scheme. It seems to make it easier to design each page because I really dont have to think about what colors to use. I just pulled out a pile of papers that all go together...mostly just some Scenic Route and cardstock.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

8 on the eighth

A group of us girls over on DML started a fun scrapbook project yesterday that I hope, no...I plan to continue for the rest of the year.
This is such a fun concept to me, that it may be one of my most favorite projects ever.
It started with this post
We decided that 12 on the 12th was too many pictures for us, especially those of us using a smaller mini album.
So we picked 8 on the 8th, and I picked an 8X8 chipboard album I had in my stash from 7 gypsies
Last night I painted it and picked my colors which I'll carry through the album - green, orange and black. This American Crafts paper thats been in my bin for-ever was just begging to be used :)
After that, a quick coat of mod-podge and it was done.

The inside cover. So glad to find a place for this KI die cut number paper I've been hording.

Thats the start...
and that for me, is the hardest part. Now to get the inside pages done.
I plan to have a simple double page for each month and I want to get those done while Im on a roll so all I have to do is add 8 - 2" pictures each month and Im done.