Saturday, March 08, 2008

8 on the eighth ... January and February

I'm all caught up with the 8/8th project! Whew, so far, so good.
I'm glad I've gotten caught up so I don't feel like I'm behind. That's a recipe for loosing interest in a project and I really want to stick with this one all year. Now that I'm caught up it should be easy to stay caught up.
Here's the opening page and January and February entries. I'm keeping with the orange/green/ black/white theme.

I made the stripe paper out of a piece of black and a piece of white cardstock by cutting the white into strips and gluing them down to the black. Didn't measure anything, didn't care if it was perfect, I just wanted a stripe paper with a little dimension.

I also painted almost all of the chipboard before I started. I wanted it to all match so I got out my paints and painted the letters, hearts and a bunch of other chipboard to match so I can use it through out the project.
But why oh why don't I catch errors before I print?
Totally missed the word "my" in the second should say This year MY parent's celebrated... not sure if I'll fix it or not ;)

I've already had my March pics printed and picked them up at Costco today so Im all ready to go. January and February are 2X2" pictures but I'll be using larger pictures for my March page to mix it up a bit.
I like staying with the same color scheme. It seems to make it easier to design each page because I really dont have to think about what colors to use. I just pulled out a pile of papers that all go together...mostly just some Scenic Route and cardstock.


Reen said...

Fabulous job!!! This looks so great and I'm just tempted to lift all of your pages and your color scheme...hee hee!!! but I won't.... :) Thanks for the inspiration Susan. Your pictures are cute!

Suzelle said...

Oh my gosh Susan....this is FABULOUS !!!!!!! What a fun keepsake this will be for 2008 !!!!

Tracy said...

Susan, these pages are beautiful-what a professional outcome you're creating--this is going to be such a wonderful keepsake of the year 2008, it's fun to follow along on your project!!

Wanda & Randy said...

WOW!!! This looks awesome! You are really blowing this project out of the water! What fun it will be to look back on 2008 with this little treasure!

Sue Thomas said...

This is awesome, Susan!!!! I love your designs!!!!!

Jill said...

You inspire me Susan!!!!!!! I love the way your album is coming together. You really have some nice photos too. Ok, I'll work on mine this weekend!