Sunday, March 23, 2008


I dont know why, but its not Easter unless you hardboil and dye some eggs.
So I boiled and dyed 4 of them.
Even though it would be simpler to let this tradition pass now that the kids are grown, I still enjoy it. I love to see how bright I can get the eggs
Im much cleaner at dying them than the kids use to be, but I still have some dyed fingertips :)
Happy Easter friends


janel said...

Happy Easter to you too!
I thought it would be easier to just come post on your blog..and let you know that I would like to be part of the AI after I post, you have my email, so just let me know where I should send the certificates and if I am not too late, I would love to play.

Tracy said...

How Fun,
Four perfectly Great Looking Eggs!!