Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 8th pages

Im feeling like Im on a roll with this 8 on the 8th mini album, so I wanted to hurry and do my March pages.

This time I used full 4X6 pictures and just cut them to 2" wide to show only a part of each picture. Not much more to it than that.
Since the pictures took up so much of the page, I didnt want to overwhelm it and add any more than the Heidi Swap journaling arrows and the Month.

We spent the day in Seattle on March 8th, so there was some shopping, some fun sites and some dinner...believe me, my days are not always this fun so Im glad at least one 8th fell on a Saturday. Im sure I'll have lots of pages that are Grocery shopping and laundry. Macie got a bath in the sink before we left for the day and the sight of her when all her fluffy fur is wet always cracks me up. She looks so tiny when she's wet.


Sharon said...

Susan!!!!!!! This is amazingly awesome! Your book is going to be a treasure when it's finished! I love the pic of Macie! How cute!!!

Sue Thomas said...

Totally cool pages, Susan!!!!!!!!

Jill said...

I love the sneak peak of each picture!!! What an amazing layout. Look at you go! I haven't even looked at the boring pics I took on Saturday. Way to go!

Suzelle said...

Oh my gosh Susan.......this is SO DANG STINKIN COOL !!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE it !!!!!

Madeline said...

HI. I found you through Bits and Pieces. I loved your 8x8 idea and wanted to see it in pictures. It's wonderful. I'm scraplifting it.

Also, from reading your bit about the moments under you picture on here, I want to recommend that you read Annie Lamott's newest books. Maybe you already know of her?