Monday, March 10, 2008

mosaic Monday ... Green

Its a little early for St Patties day, but I must be ready for some green these days.
As I look at what I've been saving to my favorites on Flickr, I seem to have a green theme going on... Could it be that Im tired of all things brown and dreary after this long winter? Probably.
Could it be my 8 on the 8th album is on my mind with its green and orange theme...maybe.

All I know is Im ready to start seeing things start to grow and bloom again.
I search for new signs each day that spring is coming so I've been noticing lots of new growth on my bushes and trees at home.
http://1 twisted flower seedling, 2. Lotus Flower Pink and Green, 3. Green & Orange, 4. Green Cup, 5. green tea spoon adj 4145.jpg, 6. green gingko, 7. miss green potage, 8. Mushroom Green with Shadow and Light, 9. shades of green, 10. I am running away, 11. green tea, lavender, and honey cupcake bombe, 12. :P, 13. Green and Wet, 14. Green Leaf, 15. Blue Eyes Crying, 16. Untitled
Disappointing this morning to be driving to work in the dark after a few weeks now of getting to see the sun rise on our rides in to work. Hopefully it will catch up with us again soon.

In the meantime, sharing some of the pretty green things saved in my flickr favorites.

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Jill said...

Love your mosaic. All the beautiful shades of green look so pretty together. Spring can't come soon enough, can it?