Monday, March 31, 2008

Mosaic Monday

Can you tell I'm wishing for fresh fruit salads and warm summer afternoons?
My favorites from this past week from Flickr... (you can click on the picture for a larger view) I'm addicted to browsing that sight.
Just pop in a theme and up comes all kinds of photography inspiration, reipes, and ideas for just about anything and everything.

1. Cardamom Citrus Fruit Salad, 2. Fresh Fruit Salad, 3. avocado salad with cilantro-lime vinaigrette, 4. Fruity sweet potato salad, 5. Sunshine quinoa salad, 6. Salad is good for everyone !!, 7. Saturday morning coffee on the patio, 8. On My Patio, 9. Casa patio. Córdoba, 10. Patio cordobés, 11. Spring cleaning,12. laundry day!, 13. Malibu, 14. ArPEGgi, 15. A Blue Angel, 16. 張家界


Anonymous said...

I'd like a #2 please, with a scoop of sorbet. Darn you Susan. You are so right... that looks l=incredible and I am hungry! Much as I love winter I'm thinking that summer fruit could sway my opinion. Gorgeous collage and here's oping sunny days are headed your way soon.


Jill said...

maybe if we look at things like this then spring will really ya think? Love your collage pages, they're always so fun!