Thursday, March 27, 2008


She looks innocent enough. but she's turning into a rebellious toddler.
Clearly we need to step up the obedience training, such as something like come when I call you. She's getting very brave as long as she's in her own back yard, and is starting to not obey when she should...
Dont let that wide eyed innocence fool you. Because in her own backyard, she gets very brave and its so fun to explore. She's no longer content to wander around the lawn and sniff the flowerbeds. There are more interesting places to discover in the big back yard. Such as this really fun hill. Its full of fluffy ivy and leaves, sticks and interesting smells. And she knows that when she goes in there... I probably wont follow her and pull her out.
And she's right. Theres no way I'm going in matter how dirty she gets, how deeply tangled up in it she gets or how wet it is, and I think she just loves to go in there because she knows that I wont.
This is right after I just finished bathing and drying her.

She just dares me to come get her.
And if I go down the steps to the lower level to try and pluck her out, she turns and heads up the other direction. By the time she gets to the top again, she's completely wet and covered in mud, leaves and maple tree seed pods which stick to the fur and have to be yanked out.

She's testing me....
but I am the pack leader!!!
yeah right


Anonymous said...

They are so sneaky aren't they! Frustrating!!! :O

Anonymous said...

I don't know Susan, she looks pretty darn cute to me! And see, that peek-over-the-shoulder shot? I know she's saying "hey mom, it's fun. Come play!" Glad you are getting so much enjoyment and pleasure from her:)


Jill said...

LOL - that bottom picture of her is darling. She really is taunting you, isn't she????? She's too cute to scold!