Sunday, March 09, 2008

weekend sharing

We always set aside at least one day of each weekend to just hang out and be lazy around the house...give ourselves a little down time before jumping back into our hecktic weekend schedule. Also, we want to devote some real time with Macie, since she's left alone for most of each day during the week.
This weekend I've kept my camera out and handy since we're doing an 8 pics on the 8th of each month challenge. Since it was handy I took the opportunity to take pics of what we shared this weekend.
This morning she and I shared my breakfast. A pastry from the Japanese market and an apple... one of her most favorite things. She goes crazy for fruits and veges.

And for lunch, I had some shrimp wonton soup with pea sprouts and edimame. Macie goes crazy when she sees the edimame come out. She has to throw it up in the air and play with it for awhile before she eats it and comes back begging for more. Apples are just chomped down straight way with no playing involved.

I know I'm probably teaching her how to beg, but I like sharing my food with her.


Maria said...

Truly fab pictures Susan! Happy Monday! Have a nice week.

Jill said...

that looks so much better than cabbage soup LOL! Great pictures, they look like they should be in a magazine!