Tuesday, April 15, 2008

biggest loser

so excited for the finale of biggest loser tonight!
I love this show.
When I first heard about it, I thought it sounded kind of rude. After all, who would find enjoyment or entertainment out of watching overweight people struggle, sweat and get yelled at "boot camp" style...and be called a loser. It seemed kind of humiliating.

But last year we finally watched and were immediately hooked. This is seriously some great reality TV.
Bob, Jillian and Allison can sometimes be a little overly dramatic, maybe a lot over dramatic at times...and Im so over watching Mark get in touch with his emotions...but that's all part of the show.
So tonight is the fanale...
and who wont be hoping Ali is the first female biggest loser tonight???

eta: SHE WON!!!

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Sue Thomas said...

Go Ali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!