Sunday, April 13, 2008

Its going to get a whole lot worse

before it gets better.
I'm in the process of tearing apart my scraproom to reorganize it by color.

I have these photo boxes ready to start loading them up.

I've been separating my buttons by color too, a huge job since I've been tossing them in one great big jar for years. I've been buying Bell canning jars at the grocery store, the short fat, squaty ones. I think you get 4 jars for $4.99. I've picked up two 4 packs. I want to do something fun with the tops but I haven't decided what yet.

I love to organize, but this project is pretty daunting.

I have embellishments stashed all over the place.
It's going to be great getting them all in one place where I know where they are, but getting it done is just going to be painful. Once the buttons are done, I get to tear this apart

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Reen said...

I was organized by color years ago when I first started scrapbooking...then I organized by mfg. it's all willy nilly!!! Good luck w/ your color organizing. It's a good thing, especially when you go to shop for'll know exactly what you "need".