Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Macie gets a new toy almost every weekend.
She loves her toys and plays with every single one of them. My family room looks like I have a two year old playing in there, but its just the dog
Since they keep her busy all day long while we're at work, I dont mind buying them for her.
Roo was one of her favorites right from the start. The day she got him she loved him.
I can always tell which ones are going to be favorites and Roo has the top three things on her list for the perfect toy. He has just the right amount of squishy-ness, he's full of fluffy stuff and he has a squeaker.

within a few days, Roo no longer has any ears. So we threw him away and bought a new Roo.
Within a few hours, the new Roo also had his ears chewed off.
She's not getting another Roo.


Suzelle said...

hahahaha !!! Poor Roo :)

Sue Thomas said...

I think she needs to keep the earless but much loved Roo! She's so darn cute!!!!