Sunday, April 13, 2008


This weekend we had the first strawberries of the season.
Usually this first batch is fairly tasteless, but these were actually pretty good.
Nice and sweet.
Not as good as they will be in a few months when the local ones come in, but pretty good for April.
So this week we'll be enjoying sliced strawberries on our cereal, and we had shortcake for dessert this weekend.

which brings me to shortcake.
My shortcake was a disappointment.
I bought angel food shortcake this time, mostly because its low fat and better for the ole' diet,
but really... its just not that good.
ruined my whole shortcake.
maybe it's too sweet, I dont know. I grew up with good the bisquick kind of shortcake.
It's denser, almost like a scone. I love shortcake made out of Bisquick. I think I could almost eat them plain, without the strawberries. Next time, diet be damned...break out the Bisquick.
and dont forget the whipped cream

Yeah, I forgot to buy that too

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