Friday, April 18, 2008

today I learned

how to make a watermark brush in Photoshop Elements!
I've wanted to know how to do this for the longest time, not because any of my pictures are theft worthy...but just because I think it looks kinda cool. Like adding jewelery to the picture :)

Also...I started another project yesterday, like I don't have enough messes going at the moment. Anyway, decided that I'd stalled long enough and picked up my knitting yesterday.

My Mom has been teaching me to knit socks. She knits a pair of socks almost every day. I'm not sure what she does with all of them...I think she sells some through her fiber club when they have booths at various fairs and street fairs. She's been selling my aprons for me too...( thanks Mom! )Anyway, I've never actually completed a full pair of socks.

The first sock I attempted was full of mistakes, being that it was my first ever knitted thing, ever. But I considered it a learning sock. Once I turned the heal and learned that part, I pulled it all apart and started again.
The second sock was much better, although it still had one or two spots that could have been better. Overall I was pretty pleased with myself and with my sock.
It was made from inexpensive yarn since it was just for practice. But I figured if I was going to spend so much time making something, it better be really pretty and something I would in fact want to wear. So I never made the second sock to go with it.
About two months ago I got this beautiful sock yarn.
I needed to take it to my Moms house to put it on her winder thingy that makes it into a cute ball.
Since I did that, its just been sitting there...taunting me to pick it up and try again.
But its so pretty, I'm frankly a little frighted of it.

See the watermark :)
But yesterday I started a sock with the red yarn ... its called Fabulous Fall.
...and that's probably about the time I'll get done with it too.


Tracy said...

Oh!! I love your cute watermark!! Good Job-It's lovely!!

And, I must comment on the sock deal--How funny--I was so afraid of 2nd sock syndrome that my only pair of knitted socks are DOLL SIZED, because I was pretty sure I'd never do the 2nd sock on regular ones--do you realize how many stitches go into a pair of socks?? It's astronomical--so, anyhow, my daughter's dolly has some really cute socks :) And my knitting is usually in the form of a scarf--

Reen said...

Cute Watermark! Congrats on mastering that how to...I've always wanted to learn to Photoshop stuff, looks so fun!:)

Denise Gormish said...

LOVE your watermark!

That sock will be gorgeous. Get going! I wanna see it done!