Wednesday, May 28, 2008

and so, the great American road trip begins

and we were all pretty excited about it.
Macie settled into her bed in the backseat, yawns and gets ready for a long long nap. And that's about all she did was sleep during the drive. Blurry photo, but look at those watery eyes.

The first day was crossing three states. On the east coast, that would only be a few hours drive, but on the west coast there are only three states, so it's a little bit of a drive.

But that was Pauls job. Mine was snapping pictures out the car window during the ride.
First, we need to get out of Washington. Then Oregonand hello California
and finally, entering Arizona.Here are a few of my favorite pictures along the way.
These windmills in southern California...and it was really windy, so this was obviously the perfect place for them. They went on for miles on top of the foothills

This Motel sign was in the middle of the Mojave desert. There was no building around to be found, but the motel sign was still standing, all alone in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, we arrived at the Grand Canyon.
That's Paul in the red baseball cap and white Tshirt out on a lookout point.
The canyon is amazing.
We drove along side for miles and miles, and around every corner was a different vantage point and a different view. We stopped at all of them, so you can just imagine the number of pictures we took. We didn't go hiking since we had Macie with us, and at over 100 degrees outside it didn't break my heart to just look from the rim.

This was quite a zoom for this picture. Although it looks fairly close, the Colorado River was really just a sliver at the bottom of the canyon from the rim of the Canyon. We spent a few days in Sedona also. The red rocks in Sedona and along the Oak Creek Canyon are just beautiful.
And a few of my favorite shots just of nothing in particular.

Cactus were a favorite subject...they're so beautiful.

Macie was so good during this trip. We couldn't have asked her to do any better. Her little feet were so dirty after a few days, I had to toss her in the bathtub and give her a bath.
and at each hotel we stayed in along the way, she settled in and never made a peep, no matter how noisy or strange her surroundings were. but she was so happy to be back home again, and so were we.
It was our first road trip and I'm sure not the last. We're already planning where we'll go next.


Tracy said...

Your pictures are truly BEAUTIFUL Susan! It makes me want to plan a trip there myself!! And, I must say, Macie looks like a cutie the whole way along!

Reen said...

You got some truly amazing shots!!!! I have the chills looking at them, they are so breathtaking!!

That Macie was such a little trooper!!

Love these Susan! What an awesome Road Trip!!

Love you,

Suzelle said...

FABULOUS pics Susan !!!! Isn't Red Rock Canyon beautiful !!!!???

You tell a GREAT story Susan !!

janel said...

Gorgeous photos. Thanks for the journey....and have to say...looks like a wonderful time.
Have a great day!

Mo said...

Oh WOW! What amazing photos you got! I agree with makes me want to go there on our next vacation! :)

Anonymous said...

Susan, what awesome photos! Sounds like a perfect trip....

Sharon said...

I think the Grand Canyon is the most beautiful spot on earth. It takes my breath away!

JENNY B said...

Such great pics Susan!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that sunset!!!!!! Macie is A-dorable!