Monday, May 05, 2008

NSD and olympic orange juice jug tossing

So this past weekend was national scrapbook day. Did you scrap?
I did .. a little, which is more than I have done in awhile.
Probably since we got a new puppy and she refuses to let me go into my scraproom without her. When I bring her with me, I do more puppy chasing than scrapping. She seems to find every scrap of paper, button, brad or bit of ribbon on my floor. Those of you who scrap know how messy it can be.

Anyway I was happy to be back in my room creating again after what seems like months and months, even though I had to take puppy with me to do it.
With so much puppy chasing, I only finished one layout and a few cards … this in no way is this a scrap-a-ganza or anything close.
But its more than I've done in a while so I'm calling the effort a success.

Here's the one layout I completed
Its about how Ethan likes to spin himself around until he gets dizzy and falls down.

that curve was difficult.
Im not good at drawing a wavy line freehand.
Getting the mirror of the curve to be the same on the top and bottom was pretty hard too.
There's another layout on my desk, partially completed. Hoping to wrap that one up soon if I can sneak away from the puppy.
----------------------------------------------------------Before I could head up to my scraproom on Saturday, we went to watch Ethan taking his 3rd swim lesson. This is where we had to sit to watch. Not bad, you'd say and you'd be correct if those little ones in the front pool were Ethan's group.
Not so. His group is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy over there, past the huge mushroom, sitting on the edge of the pool by that door. Great..

Ethan is youngest of the group, and the only one who requires a parent must stay right next to him. Here he is turning to make sure Dad is still back there. Oh, that blurry stuff over Dad...its the waterfall coming off the giant mushroom. So, zooming through the waterfall, the pictures are horrible.

Here he is standing up to take his turn throwing the empty orange juice jug in the water.
Yep, Dad's still there
I have no idea what this lesson is for...since Im a full football field away, behind a plate glass window :(

After you toss the orange juice jug, the instructor hangs on it while you pull it back in with a string. Im guessing its something that they'll use to explain how to grab onto a life preserver and be pulled to safety.
Waving to grandma and papa after the jug tossing lesson is over :)

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Anonymous said...

Those pics are so fun and I love what you did with the challenge l/o. The circles with the arrows? Way wicked cute.