Thursday, May 01, 2008

Whats that, up in the sky?

That big yellow sparkely thing?

Its bright and warm

and it hurts my eyes....and makes me feel so sleeeeepy

Ummm, that would be the Sun
We havent seen very much of it since Macie was born last September.
She was sure enjoying her first really sunny day...ever :)
I caught her dozzing off, enjoying the warmth of it last weekend.
For once she slowed down long enough to lay on a blanket in the yard, and soak up the sun


JENNY B said...

Your Macie is soooo cute!!! My doggies were loving the sunshine the last couple of days too =)

Anonymous said...

That macie is darling... no wonder she rules to roost!!!! (I still think she needs another Roo)