Tuesday, June 17, 2008

6 little eggs

Last weekend Paul got the patio table umbrella out of the shed. It was closed up, but he had it laying on its side during the winter time. As he was opening it we started seeing little twigs and grass falling out...then we found this inside
My heart almost stopped when we realized there was a nest inside the umbrella, that still had eggs in it. We were ready to tuck it back inside the umbrella and put the whole thing back, hoping Mamma bird wouldnt realize we'd messed with her home.
Looking closer though, we found that the eggs were dead. :(
One had peck marks in the egg, but the baby was still inside. The rest were in perfect condition. Iwonder where the Momma bird went or what frightened her off the nest. The nest was sure warm and cozy, lined with lots of fur and feathers.


Mo said...

Oh, that is so sad. :(

Tracy said...

It's a beautiful nest.