Sunday, June 08, 2008

8 on the eighth

Since it landed on a weekend, I took way more than 8 pictures today. Im not sure if these will be the 8 that I use in my journal for June 8th or not.
I took several of the flowers in the yard. I didnt think there was much blooming until I started walking around to take pictures.

Ethan and Jaryn came over for BBQ. We have a huge box of toys Pauls coworker gave him for Ethan to play with, and whoever the little boy was who these toys belonged to, loved Spiderman as much as Ethan does.

Spent some time in my scraproom today. Cant resist a clean desk. I bought these pillow shams at Ikea months and months ago. Yesterday I slid one over the back of my desk chair just to spruce it up. I may alter it to fit a little better, but I like the look with the green walls. I put a pillow in the other one and put it on the floor for a place for Macie to hang out while Im at my desk.
sidewalk it

Spiderman moves very quickly...but I almost caught him shooting a web...look at those muscles!
honeysuckle............mmmmmmmmm Peonys are almost ready to pop open. Hoping the rain stays away because they fill up with water when it rains and that ruins them so quickly
More spiderman stuff to play with . A whole toybox of new toys kept him very occupied this afternoon. The sun even broke through just a bit and just long enough for Paul to BBQ our dinner


Reen said...

I love your 8 pictures!! I took mine today too :)

Sue Thomas said...

How lucky is Ethan! Love the photo of hime holding Spidy!

Mo said...

Your photos are INCREDIBLE!!! Can't wait to see the layout. ;)