Friday, June 27, 2008

8 on the eighth

Finally catching up on my 8 on the 8th mini album.

It seems like this little album has evolved into photos taken through out the month, but I still try extra hard to capture as many of them as possible around the 8th. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it takes the entire month to get all of the pictures.

This is my entry for April .

April was all about spring, organizing my scraproom...just everyday stuff.

And this is May, which of course includes Mothers Day, family gatherings, our trip to the Grand Canyon and meeting the Fresno girls :-)

And here's June.
Fathers day, Farmers Market, Macies surgery on her nose, and everyday life.

All caught up

Im really enjoying making this album. Small pages mean not much else besides the pictures can go on each page. The hardest part is getting 8 pictures to fit two 8X8 pages.

This album has turned into something I think about as the month goes along. Sometimes limiting the photos to only 8 is difficult, sometimes I struggle trying to find 8 pictures that capture our life.


Suzelle said...

Oh my gosh Susan...these are FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! This album will be so special! Great job catching up. :)

Anonymous said...

Susan...they are adorable, but I especially love the spiderman!! What a great job you have done!!

Anonymous said...

Susan, you have such an eye for this book! It is so creative and yummy looking...mine looks so dull and plain by comparison! I guess I'll take some inspiration from you for next years 9 on the 9th album for 2009!

Tracy said...

Your 8 book is shaping up so nicely-what a treasure it's going to be once you get to year end!!

Mo said...

SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!! These ROCK!!!!! I really wish I would have started this with you guys.....