Friday, June 27, 2008

around the garden

last weekend I broke out our new little garden tiller and started clearing the weeds from our vegetable garden. Its so late, but I may still have the time to buy some larger starts at the garden store. Just having it clean and free of weeds makes me feel better.
At the end of the garden I have some herbs that have grown so big, they are more like shrubs than little herb plants. My sage is in full bloom.
I think I love the lavender flowers more than I love the fresh sage.

and the peonies are in full bloom too. I really love how peonies smell. They are especially pretty this year because we have not had any rain, which tends to make the huge blooms fill up with rain and fall over.

and look who is sneaking down through the ivy still. She drives me crazy that she wont stay out of it, but Im convinced that she does it for that very reason.


Suzelle said...

beautiful pics Susan !!

Jill said...

Such pretty pics. I need to take some of my flowers...thanks for the nudge! That Macie is a her little face peeking out of the bushes!!!!

Mo said...

You have a beautiful garden, Susan. I love that I can see Macie in the background. She's too CUTE!

Sharon said...

what beautiful close-ups of the flowers!