Saturday, June 21, 2008

clear blue sky

We've had a horrible spring, only a small handful of days of clear blue skies and sunshine here. Now finally we're into summer and so today at last, we have a beautiful blue sky with a few puffy white clouds

it's long overdue, is what it is. I'm serious.
its the middle of June already. the first day of summer.

This is the time when the sandals and floaty skirts and tee shirts are suppose to come out, it's when I tell Paul to bring the fan up to our bedroom (he did that yesterday). Its when I begin to get serious about gardening and planting the flower pots with bright yellow and orange marigolds.(a few are planted, but they're looking sad waiting for the sun) Its when the patio furniture and umbrella go up.
June means we are suppose to be able to start opening the windows and doors to let the fresh air in. It means I'll start planning my garage sale ... again, or still. I seem to plan it every year but never follow through. This year I'm going to do it.
June is when we start getting serious about that to-do list. We have started on a few things, but haven't quite marked anything serious off the list.
its already half way through June and I'm getting impatient....where is our summer?


Suzelle said...

Hope there are lots of sun-shiney days in your future :)

Mo said...

Your blue sky looks so pretty. Hope there a lot more of them this summer. Good Luck planning your garage sale. On my to do list this summer is to clean out my garage. Wish me luck. :)