Saturday, June 14, 2008

making new friends at the farmers market

or maybe not....
One of the best things about going to the Saturday market downtown, is that there are so many people who bring their dogs. We try really hard to socialize Macie with other dogs, but she's really not interested in them.
But we''ll keep trying.
She's not curious about them at all and she doesnt want to play with them.
She doesn't seem afraid of them for the most part.
Not even this gentle giant...a 210 pound English Bull Mastiff named Ajax. His feet were larger than Macie's head. I think he was more of a small horse than a dog and his poor owner was covered head to toe with dog hair. I cant imagine loading this beast in the car. But he was obviously enjoying the outing, sitting in the middle of the market, surrounded by people, babies, and other dogs and loving all the attention.

I wished I could have taken some better pictures of him because he was so beautiful and had so much character in his big ole face.

His owner says that he eats 8 cups of food a day, and obviously leaves that out in the yard a little bit later. Yikes!!!! Macie eats about 1/2 a cup per day...1/4 cup in the morning and a 1/4 cup in the evening.


Suzelle said...

Oh my gosh....that dog is HUGE.....but ADORABLE !!!! Love big doggies. He could live on the pasture with our horses...haha !!!!

Sweet Macie :)

Mo said...

He is beautiful!!!!

Sue Thomas said...

What a cool dog!!!!! Macie looks so itty bitty (and very brave) next to this one!!!!