Monday, June 23, 2008

a meme

I finally found time to post to a fun meme. when all else fails, there are memes, right?

Mostly I dislike these things because I can never think of the right answers, until later…then I slap myself on the forehead like one of those V8 commercials.
Duh, why couldn’t I think of that? it doesn’t matter really, but somehow I feel like I may have jinxed something by giving an incorrect answer. But anyway…here goes

My top 5 must-haves (for the moment):

in my fridge:

1. grapes, my favorite fruit
2. weight watchers cookies and cream ice cream bars
3. vanilla fat free coffee creamer (always always always)
4. cantaloupe and watermelon
5. hummas and greek pita bread

in my closet:

1. summery skirts & capris
2. shoes always, specificly I want some flats, with a small wedge heal. are those really flats if they have a heal?
3. a dark denim jacket, or a white, a denim one...probably both ;)
4. lots more white tees, cause the one you need is always in the wash
5. purses in every color

in my purse:

1. my wallet
2. Ice breakers sugar free mints – Iced Tea flavor -Rasperry or Lemon
3. lip gloss-at least 6 different ones
4. cell phone that I never seem to hear ring
5. hand lotion

in my car:
1. hand lotion
2. canvas shopping bags that I always forget to take in the store
3. More Ice breakers sugar free Iced tea mints :)
4. Macies blanket and leash
5. Ethans car seat

on my DVR
1. the biggest looser – cant wait until January!
2. the last 4 episodes of brothers and sisters- because they got erased when the comcast man came and switched out our defective DVR
3. reality tv- right now its the next food TV star and the next HGTV design star
4. Sex in the City- all of it. Because I never got to see it and want to before I go see the movie
5. The office (another show I’ve never watched … but always wanted to)

tagging: Ramona, Suzelle, Irene, & Tracy

Note; I found this fun project to organzie and keep an inventory of items in your freezer here- as you use items, just remove the magnet. After shopping, add a magnet. Im always throwing away those thin magnets that get sent to me in the I've found a use for them

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Mo said...

Ok. Susan. Youa re on. I'm going to post right now. Thanks for the linkie loo. That's cool. :)