Friday, June 20, 2008

a new Sunday dinner recipe

Looking for some healthier, simpler, yummier recipes to add to my summer menu rotation and came across this one.
A healthy option for sure,
definitely easy.
It could even be a weeknight menu item except that the rosemary roasted potatoes take an hour and that's just too long for me to mess with in a weeknight meal. 30 minutes is tops for me during the week.
I have bought some frozen rosemary and sea salt red potatoes and they would be a great weeknight substitute for these homemade ones.

Paired with some crusty french bread and mmmmmmmmm

Recipe for Chicken Provencal:

Prep time: 10 minutes - Cooking time: 20 minutes
Serves 3

3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, sliced
14oz(400g) of plum tomatoes
100g of water
1 tsp of tomato purée
1 tbsp of olive oil
10 pitted black olives, chopped
3oz(100g) of mushrooms, cleaned & sliced
1 dash of Tabasco (optional)
1 onion, peeled & finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 red bell pepper, de-seeded & diced
1 tsp of dried oregano
Fresh basil leaves, torn

Place a shallow non stick saucepan over a low heat, then add the olive oil. When it's gently heated through add the chicken, season then fry for 5 minutes turning as required to ensure the pieces are sealed on all sides.
Remove the chicken from the pan and set aside; keep warm.
Keep the heat low than add the onion, pepper, garlic and mushrooms to the pan and sweat for 5 minutes with the lid on.
Then add the tomatoes, water, tomato purée, oregano and Tabasco. Increase the heat and bring close to the boil, then add the chicken and reduce the heat to low; add some seasoning and simmer half-covered for 8 minutes.
Next remove the lid and add the olives; simmer for a further 2 minutes uncovered, check the seasoning and alter if required.
Remove from the heat and sprinkle with the torn basil, then serve immediately.
Serving Suggestions:
This Chicken Provencal recipe serves well with Rosemary roasted potatoes below-

Rosemary roasted potatoes recipe: -

Prep time: 10 minutes - Cooking time: 60 minutes
Serves 4

1lb 4oz(550g) of floury potatoes
Olive oil for spraying
1 large sprig of Rosemary
Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

Wash the potatoes and peel them lightly, take out any eyes with a paring knife, then put 2 inches of salted water in a pan; place it over a high heat and bring it to the boil.

When the water is at a rolling boil place the potatoes in a steamer compartment above the boiling water and cover. Steam for about 10 minutes until the edges are starting to soften. Take the steamer compartment off the heat and allow any water to drain out.

Pre-heat your oven to 230˚C/450˚F. Then carefully place the steamer compartment on a flat surface and with the lid on quickly move it back and forth so that you break the edges of the potatoes. 'Edging' like this is the key to getting nice crispy edges on the finished roasted potatoes.

Then take a roasting tray and line it with some kitchen foil, dull side facing upwards and spray it with a little olive oil. Place the potatoes on the foil and separate them. Spray with some olive oil and season with sea salt & ground black pepper. Then strip the leaves from 1 large sprig of rosemary and sprinkle them over the potatoes.

When the oven is pre-heated place the roasting tray on the highest shelf and cook for 30 minutes. Then open the oven and turn the potatoes briefly. Close the oven and leave for a further 15-20 minutes until crisp and golden.

Then serve your roasted rosemary potatoes as soon as you can while they're still crispy.

I would also be tempted to try roasting these in my George Foreman grill. I hear it makes awesome roasted potatoes or potato chips but I've never tried it.


Just Me Again said...

You always make food look so good and cooking so easy...but it's never so for me, LOL! :D

Mo said...

Looks good. I'm gonna try this one. Thanks, Susan!