Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Day trippin'

After working around the house all day on Saturday we decided to leave home for the day on Sunday. We need one day to relax and if we dont leave home, we won't relax. We need a day with no work, and no projects. Cleaning the garage again is definitely out, and pressure washing the gutters needs to wait for another weekend.
We decided on LaConner, a small town north of Seattle.

LaConner usually comes alive in the spring with the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, but just about every weekend tourists and visitors walk up and down the streets, browsing in boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. We hit the tulip festival about every other year or so. We skipped it this year. It just gets too crazy that time of year. This year we took Macie with us. I was surprised on how many shops have bowls of drinking water set out for pets.
LaConner is still a little fishing port. Lots of boats coming and going up and down the river that runs along the edge of town. These crab pots were stacked between an art gallery and and a restaurant.
This is called Rainbow Bridge and it just runs out to that little island.
While I was waiting for our box lunches to be made, I was reading a little town newsletter. It had an article about this quirky little old lady who currently resides as the bridges' Troll and collects a toll for every 3rd red minivan that drives by. One of these days Im going to drive across the bridge to see if she's really there.
Speaking of boxed lunches...
Sitting dockside enjoying the turkey sandwiches and huge soft molasses cookies couldn't have tasted any better.


Tracy said...

Love how your ddd (darling doggie daughter) gets to enjoy the day's outing with you too!!!

Suzelle said...

What a cool little place. Looks like the perfect place to relax :)

Jill said...

I agree....one must leave the house in order to relax! Love your little day trips, Mike and I need to do that more often. Love the story about the troll lady...makes me want to rent a red minivan!!!!

Just Me Again said...

Awesome pictures Susan! Your doggie is ADORABLE!!!

Mo said...

I love day trips! This looks like a great place to visit. I love your interesting photos. They are so real it makes me feel as if I was there. :)