Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Waldo and Miss B

This is Waldo my brothers bird.
He talks....A LOT!
As a matter of fact, he wont shut up sometimes.
So, I got him out of his cage the other day so he would be quiet. We were over for a BBQ and Waldo wanted to be out with the rest of us.
...doesnt his beak look like a piece of candy corn?
He's really pretty sweet. He doesnt bite, but loves to sit on your shoulder
This is Brightie, the scottie dog ...or Miss B for short.
Nothing short about that nose of hers though.
Waldo tends to torment Miss B., chasing her around the house because he knows that if Miss B gets close to him she'll get in trouble.
Here's Waldo all fluffed up going to sleep on my knee.
Your getting verrrrrrrry sleepy.
We were actually playing the blinking game. Parrots will watch your eyes and blink when you blink. I kept blinking slower and slower. Finally Waldo went to sleep


Tracy said...

They are both BEEEEAUTIFULLL!!!

What gorgeous photos you take Susan.

Suzelle said...

That bird is gorgeous !!!!! Love that sweet doggies face looking at him. And, yes his beak does look like a candy corn :)

Anonymous said...

You are so nice to play with a bird!!! :) I love the blinky game.

Sue Thomas said...

Oh how fun they must be together!!!!

Mo said...

Such pretty animals, Susan! Vibrant photos too! :)