Tuesday, July 01, 2008

we found some culture in the park

Last weekend when we went to visit Jennifer, we stopped at a local park to walk through their farmers market. It was treat to find that they had a Tibetan cultural heritage festival going on in the park as well. We walked around the various booths, one of which was this Tibetan monk making a sand picture. They fill the mandolin with colored sand. The mandolin has a hole at both ends and is ribbed on the top. He “shakes” the sand out of the end by rubbing a stick on the ribs of the mandolin. That vibrates it and shakes the sand out the end. Using smaller and smaller mandolins, they add more and more details to the picture.
He had a general outline of his picture in pencil on this board. I would have loved to see it when it was completed and all of the details were added. He had only just started it when we came by.
Its tedious and backbreaking work, not to mention temporary, and obviously they need to do this when its not windy :-)

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