Saturday, July 05, 2008

yard sale

I am swimming in a sea of junk that must be prepared for a yard sale.
I am determined to get this over with once and for all. Its been on the to-do list forever. The thought of actually having a yard sale makes me want to run and hide, but if we don’t clear out the garage and closets soon, we will no longer be able to park our cars in there or hang our clothes in the closets.
Everytime I run across something I want to clear out, I pile it in the garage. I had little piles everywhere and boxes scattered all about. Today I started grouping it all in one spot, and Im so surprised how much of it there is.

I've been running things through the washer and the dishwasher to get the dust off.

I think the hardest part for me is how to price things. I’d rather get a dime for them than send them to the landfill so Im always worried about pricing things too high.
I am just so ready to get rid of it all.

In April I went crazy and took 18 tall kitchen garbage bags to the goodwill…and that was just the stuff out of my closet and dresser. I dont like messing with clothing at garage sales, so that stuff is all gone.
Im on a roll so there's no turning back now


Anonymous said...

Have fun! You're gonna make a lot!!! I know what you mean about clothes, but people really go for clothes at yard sales... especially nice work clothes which is what you probably had... but Goodwill loves you too! :)

Suzelle said...

Good for you Susan. It is a lot of work to get ready for it....but ca-ching in the end :)

I agree with ya on the clothes too...more of a Goodwill is a great choice.

Reen said...

I never price my stuff for garage sales. I just like to talk and bargain with people. The people will usually determine what price they are willing to pay anyway. and the closer you get to noon the better the bargains get right?!

Good luck w/ your yard sale!

Mo said...

Good Luck, Susan! I am too lazy to do a yard slae. LOL! I just made a huge donation to Goodwill yesterday. ;)