Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some favorite things

Trying these days to cut back on my use of disposable materials. That includes plastic sandwich bags and all those frozen lean cuisine lunches. Solution, bento box lunches. They're fun and easy and I find myself eating much healthier lunches when I prepare them myself.
I have been accumulating a variety of bento making supplies, nothing fancy but it all works. Silicone cupcake wrappers are great for placing things in to keep them separated inside the box. And they're reusable. I do get these little plastic cups from a local restaurant supply place and use them for my salad dressing.
Starbucks provides those used coffee grounds to gardeners free. Most Starbucks stores have a bucket where they place the garden grounds somewhere in the store. I try to grab a bag on my way out of the store each time. What to do with them?
Here in the northwest we have a lot of plants that love the nitrogen that you get from used coffee beans, Rhodie's, azaleas and hydrangeas. If your soil is alkaline or has a lot of clay, the coffee grounds do wonders to lower the soil PH over time. Also, the coffee-ground mulch can help keep those pesky slugs and snails out if you sprinkle them around the edges of plants or the garden. And, it’s free! Free is good....and the garden smells good too :)
These are a staple in my freezer...pre chopped herbs from Trader Joes. Love them...pop out the desired amount right into the pan. Easy and no chopping involved.


Suzelle said...

This is awesome Susan. I have often wondered about the frozen herbs. I am on it now. Good for you doing something good for our planet :)

I washed all my cloth napkins this morning and we are going to start using them. Also, thought it would be as fun way to use up scraps of fabric too.....finish the edge with a quick, little hem and have a eclectic table setting, with different fabric napkins. I do laundry all of the time anyway, what's a few extra napkins :)

Susan said...

I love using cloth napkins so much more than paper ones too Suzelle! I even keep one in my lunch sack. didnt really think about them being green. Thats a great point and all the more reason to use them.

Tracy said...

I have & use all the frozen herb cubes from T.Joes regularly!! They are one of my pantry "favorites" too!!

Mo said...

I am so getting those silicon muffin cups for our Bento boxes. I have never used the frozen herbs. I will try them now. Thanks to you. And the cloth have inspired me to do more for our planet. :)