Saturday, August 16, 2008

vacation day 1 Totally random post

This will be a weird random post today
lots of things Im loving right now and starting a week long semi stay vacation.
Semi because we're heading to the Oregon Coast to Manzenita beach for a few days in the middle of the week...of course those are the days expected to be cloudy with possible drizzle at the coast. Oh well....
Anyway, starting out the stay part of the semi staycation is a concert tonight with one of our favs...pat monahan, lead singer for Train. He has a new solo album out and is singing tonight at Marymoore excited for that.
After today I'll be doing some re-decorating around the house.
here's a little peek at some of the inspiration.
but before the decorating and painting can begin, a good cleaning is long overdue...
so this morning I've been scrubbing and cleaning. Finally got the summer bedding put on the guest bedroom. It finally looks like summer in there. Just in time for the stay-cation.
Which brings me to my next new favorite.
One of my new favorite products . I love the smell of this cleaner, and its septic system safe which is really hard to find. I love this stuff.
and because this is vacation after all, I had to break out something very special.
this is soap I buy every time we are in Maui. The first time we went to Maui I bought several bars and used one of them during our vacation. Ever since then, every time I smell this soap it takes me right back to that trip. This morning I broke open my last bar of Maui tropical soap. The scent has already filled the bathroom and I havent even used it yet...but I will.


Reen said...

Thanks for the cute pics of that hunky cute boy! Have a great time at the concert.

Love the summer bed and good luck w/ your home dec projects.

Tracy said...

Oh Susan-
That soap looks absolutely luxurious!!!

I am jealous!!

I am glad your concert was such a lovely evening out & I hope you have a great Sunday too.

Mo said...

I love Green Works!! I want that soap!!! What a fun summer concert. Looks like you've been enjoying summer. :)

Anonymous said...

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