Sunday, August 17, 2008

vacation day 2, concert afterglow

What a great much fun. Yesterday was the concert at Marymoore park Brandi Carlile, Pat Monahan, Jackie Greene.
Cameras werent allowed in the park, but I was able to sneak in my little powershot. I was a little afraid to pull it out, but after seeing lots of people snapping pics of Jackie, we took a few tentative shots ourself.
We had never heard much Jackie Greene music, but we sure loved it after seeing him in concert. What a surprise. To me, sometimes just listening to someones music doesnt do them justice. Seeing him perform live gives a whole new appreciation for this young kid with a huge talent.

Next came the guy we really came to see.
Train has been Pauls all time favorite band since the early '90's I think. Their music never grows old to us. The first CDs as good as the last. I was so excited, but a little worried when I heard that Pat had gone off on his own for a solo album. We were hoping this wasnt the end of Train.
Well, not only is it not the end of Train, Pat is just as good Solo as he is with a matter of fact, we dont hear too much of a difference.
Security was coming around while they set up for Pat saying that no cameras were allowed and telling people not to take pictures.
Still, there was no way I was leaving without pictures of Pat.
But, I had to keep my camera on my lap and so the pictures ... not so good :(

He played quite a bit from his solo album, but he also played several great Train songs - drops of Jupiter and calling all angels among them....sooooooooooooo cool

Brandi Carlile came out and sang one song with Pat. Its a duet that they sing together on his solo album. We knew that Pat lives in Seattle but we also learned that Brandi is a local girl too. She lives in a little suburb of Seattle not far from us. When she came out to sing we stayed for maybe 4 songs before we left.
and the most amazing sunset I think I've ever seen...this picture just didnt capture the blood red color of the sky.
As we were heading back to Seattle, I was snapping pictures of the lights, the spaceneedle, the moon and the boats on the water just for fun. I love the funky way these ones came out.

The end of a good day.


Reen said...

Great sneaky pictures Susan! So glad you had a great time, I so wanna see Pat one day! A great way to start your vaca!!

Suzelle said...

What a BLAST !!!!!!!!!!